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Venmar Energy Recovery
Ventilator Systems (ERVs)

A steady flow of fresh outdoor air runs through
the Eco Suite thanks to a Venmar air exchanger
with energy recovery ventilator system.
The small stand-alone units, located in a closet
or ceiling space, are the suiteā€™s lungs: they expel
air out, and draw in fresh air from outside.
In humid weather, the ERV limits the moisture
in the suite; when it is dry outside, the ERV
limits the moisture expelled from the suite.
ERVs improve air quality and humidity levels,
recover heat, and, as an added bonus, control
odours within and between condo suites.
Indoor Air Quality Expels accumulated indoor air pollutants. Isolates each dwelling from corridor, preventing odour migration. Energy Efficient Reduces total energy consumption and is ENERGY STAR qualified. Venmar plant facilities have intelligent thermostats and use energy efficient lighting. Eco Awareness Provides control to occupants to manage energy use and comfort levels.
    Innovation Tridel worked with Venmar to perfect system for ERV installation in the bulkheads of suites.    
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The Eco Suite is sold. For more availability at Rêve and Tridel's other downtown Toronto locations please contact the Presentation Centre